What We're Really About...

Company Values

  • Strike Force Cheer will always maintain high standards of professionalism and forward focused instruction.
  • Our staff will always help motivate athletes, educate them and look after the welfare of every single member.
  • We will always aim to inspire and act as role models to our athletes in a fun environment promoting the true essence of the sport of cheerleading and teamwork.



Mission Statement

Strike Force Cheer & Dance Ltd is a competitive cheerleading program determined to teach the value of team and the importance of family.  We stand apart by being highly successful without sacrificing sportsmanship, character or integrity.  We uplift and empower our athletes by providing quality instructors and exceptional role models.


The Vision

Strike Force Cheer & Dance Ltd has always been leading by the front in the Irish cheerleading industry. We do this by ensuring high standards in and out of the gym. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in the industry and coaches keeping up to date with education. We need to keep on top of the industry by working with our company values in mind and ensuring all athletes are equipped with all the level appropriate skills as possible.


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