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Strike Force Cheer is a place where any participant can come and join our sport and embrace all that is All Star Cheer!

We have posted some some information below based on questions we are frequently asked, and we hope this helps.

Different Types of Cheer


Non-competitive training designed to help athlete learn all there is to know about cheerleading without having to completely commit to a team.


Prep teams are ideal for new/young participants, it is competitive but scored differently than the Elite division, skill requirement is less.


Elite teams compete in the more established divisions against other teams/athletes that have prior experience in All Star Cheer




Age Grids

(The competing age of the athlete is determined by how they old are on the 31st August prior to the season starting)


4-6 years old


7-8 years old


9-11 years old


12-14 years old


14 years +


Some FAQ's


What time/days will the practice be on for my athlete?

This depends on a range of factors such as age, experience, availability in a team etc... If you contact us via email or request a call back, we can let you know where we think we can accomodate your child. Age is a big factor, and athletes will be placed according to age first. However, if the athlete has experience in competitive cheer/gymnastics, they might be placed differently. Our schedule tends to changes every season too, so times/days of practices could change each year.

What costs are involved in cheerleading?

As above, these depends on a range of factors such as whether the team is recreational, prep or elite. There are monthly tuition fees. We also have annual competition fees which include a members/insurance contribution to the program, any uniform, shoes, training gear that is needed and all competition related travel costs. If you ask, we can you let you know what the previous season costs were to help you with your planning.

My child has never done cheerleading before, they are not flexible or they can't dance, can they still join?

Absolutely!! The best athletes are the ones who bring commitment, determination, passion, team work and a strong work ethic. Everything will come in time to those willing to work for it. Cheerleading has so many different aspects, so let our coaches at Strike Force find your child's strength to help them develop socially, mentally and physically.

I am over 18 years old, but I've always wanted to join a cheer team, am I too old to join?

Our senior teams are not capped with an upper age, so basically, no! However the average on senior teams tends to be 14-16 years old, but if you're willing to not let them become on obstacle, in you come! Over 18's will be requested to complete a Garda Vetting application.

My child is involved in another cheer/gym club, what is the protocol for switching programs?

We would request that you make contact you current club head coach/owner and let them know your plans first. You will be required to receive their acknowledgement of your move. You must also finish out your competitive seasons with the current team and have your financial account in good standing. Other than that, register as normal, and we can take it from there.

Can we come to watch a practice?

We can allow the potential new member and 1 family member to come and observe a session for 20 minutes. In line with our child protection rules and health & safety, this would be a supervised visit by a member of our coaching team.

Can I join at any point in the year?

Sadly, we have pretty limited windows for recruitment because we have to get our teams ready for the upcoming competitive season. The best time to join is from May-July, but we do have spots in teams come up through the season, so don't let that stop you registering. Also from February - May we run our half year recreational team to get new members ready to join full time.

What kind of commitment is needed to join Strike Force?

One of the things we require from our athletes is that they are committed. What does this mean? Well, we expect athletes to make all practices, events and workshops. We are a team based sport, which means if one of our teammates is missing practice, we find it really hard to progress and it may cause potential setback for their stunt group. We understand life outside of cheer is important too, so there are allowance made within our guidelines, but we ask that all athletes follow the rules and put their team first. If new members are heavily involved in an another sport/activity already that may cause conflict, we would ask you to consider whether you can make Strike Force your number one choice before signing up, but we promise, it'll be worth it!

I love the sound of this, how can my child join?

Fill out this online application, and we will be in touch.  REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

 Thank You! If you any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call 085 170 2098

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