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If you want to join the Strike Force family for the upcoming season, please fill in the team try out application below and we will be in touch.

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Strike Force Team Trials for 2023-2024 Teams

Are You Looking To Join Strike Force All Star Cheer For The Upcoming Season?
  • Returning Athletes/Athletes with Previous Cheer Experience - CLICK HERE
  • New Members/No Prior Cheer Experience - You will not be required to try out! - All you need to do is register your details here with us - CLICK HERE


At Strike Force, we believe the trial process is a much needed process and allows regular movement in our teams. It allows us to replenish vacant positions, set up new teams, level up athletes and move athletes who have aged out of their current divisions.

There are no guarantees to which teams athletes are placed on including if they were already on a team previously. There are many factors taken into consideration such as past season contributions, attitude, work ethic, progress, attendance and team work.

Athletes will then participate in a physical trial that assesses developments in stunting technique, flexibility, jumps and tumbling. After the trial process, athletes will be then placed in a Banded group as below, and placed accordingly where we know the athlete will thrive for the upcoming season.


We encourage all our athletes to be continually making efforts to make progress, and we put a level of personal accountability on them to make sure they reach their goals, with our guidance. For current athletes, coaches are constantly monitoring the work put in outside the gym as much as the work put in inside the gym.

Keep Motivated - Keep Pushing - Keep Achieving!

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